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Vindral Streaming Engine

RealSprint provides live streaming through its Vindral streaming service.

A Vindral streaming service uses Vindral Streaming Engine at its core.

Customers may license Vindral Streaming Engine to power their live streaming delivery.

Use cases

While we recommend using the hosted service, there might be many use cases where a self-hosted service is required or preferred.

  • Specific legal requirements
  • Offline environments
  • Use an existing built-out network of sites/machines


Vindral Streaming Engine is optimized for easy deployment in any infrastructure. It has powered our live streaming services and many others for years and is constantly improving.

  • Supports dedicated hardware and cloud
  • Advanced hardware offloading support for transcoding and egress
  • A large amount of real-time metrics
  • Fully redundant, globally
  • Easy to scale, horizontally and vertically
  • Administrative interfaces with different roles for ease of management
  • Existing players, SDKs, examples, and documentation


Depending on the level of redundancy/HA, requirements vary from a single node with multiple services to multi-region (global) setups with self-contained regions for greater redundancy.


Read more about our white label solution or contact us for more information.