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Vindral On-Site

Not only is Vindral offered as a live streaming service and a self-hosted service (OEM); Vindral is also available as an on-prem solution that can run on a single machine, such as an Intel NUC or a laptop.

This flexibility makes Vindral the perfect solution for private concerts, airplanes, and arenas. It does not need WAN (public internet connectivity) to work.

Use cases

While we recommend using the hosted service, there might be many use cases where an on-site is required or preferred.

  • Events
    • Zoomed-in shots of sign language translation
    • Use in sync with an interface to build unique experiences
    • Make sure everyone at the event can see and hear the stream without delay
  • Sports
    • Broadcast locally on big screens so visitors can see the entire track/arena
    • Multiple camera angles
  • In-flight entertainment
    • Use Vindral during flights for broadcasting to all passengers


Almost any computer will work. But depending on the number of viewers, and the quality/bitrate of the stream, the exact requirements vary.

Getting started

Contact us for more information.