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Vindral Portal

The entry point for customers in the Vindral Streaming Engine is the Vindral Portal. Within the Portal, you manage and view information about your channels, channel groups, users, usage, and authentication settings.

The access for the customer portal is divided into different roles: Administrator, Channel manager, and User. The different roles provide different levels of access and functionality.


The Dashboard page gives an excellent overview with near real-time updates of the current state of all your channels, viewers, and geographic info.

Vindral Portal - DashboardVindral Portal - Dashboard


Besides the current state, it is often helpful to be able to track performance over time as well. The Analytics page is a comprehensive built-in tool that lets you gain valuable insights about your channels and viewers.

You can filter for date, channel, region, and country. The resulting data is divided into several sections:

  • Overview - viewers over time, sessions, average bit rate, and more
  • Sessions & Viewer Time - amount of watched minutes and average session length
  • Traffic - total ingress/egress and graphs over time, including a comparison to the previous period
  • Geography - a heat map of sessions and a table of country sessions
  • Devices - OS, browser, and device distribution
Vindral Portal - AnalyticsVindral Portal - Analytics

We will continue to add new features and metrics to the Analytics Page.